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Support group
Support group


Welcome to Black Umbrella Wellness! We have created this community to let you know that you're not alone. Whether you're recovering from an eating disorder, working on body acceptance, or helping someone else in their recovery journey, we're here to provide hope. You are surrounded by help.


Burke and Kelley weave their stories of illness and recovery through 12 topics that fed their eating disorders and share how they now manage those challenges to fully participate in life. 

"Their voices are unique, yet the vulnerabilities they share and challenges they face are not only at the core of the recovery process but perhaps, universal to successfully navigating adult development. The result is informative and inspirational.”

Kim McCallum MD; Psychiatrist, Author, Advocate

Founder McCallum Place Eating Disorders Treatment Centers

"In this dialogue between the generations, we understand so much of the ever-changing challenge in becoming a whole person..."

Nigel C Lester MD, Psychiatrist

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